Titanium Dioxide Case Study

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Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is known as the ultimate white pigment because of its high refractive index and also its brightness. This dust is naturally occurring from the oxides of titanium. This compound has many application uses. These include Paint manufacturing, food coloring, sunscreen products and the Pharmaceutical industry to name a few.
According to the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), it is classified as a Group 2B Carcinogen, basically it states that it is potentially cancerous to humans. Apart from its carcinogenetic nature there are many other health effects to humans. Some of these effects include irritation of the respiratory tract, skin, eyes, pulmonary fibrosis, and pneumoconiosis among other effects
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Implementation of policies such as a Dust control Policy. This policy should be developed and implemented to regulate the amount of dust that employees should be exposed to on a daily basis. The roles and responsibilities should be clearly stated. This policy should be communicated to all departments within the company.

2. Training and Education. This should be done to ensure that employees are aware of the many hazards that they would be encountering when exposed to this dust. Training on the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment and its use handling and storage.

3. Proper Signage and Labels. This should be installed at the various locations on the facility to ensure employees are more cautious about their work environment and follow the rules of the site. These signs would ensure employees wear the correct PPE at all times.

4. Risk Assessment of the work site. Section 13A of the OSHA Act requires an annual Risk assessment of the plant. This is mandatory by law. This can be carried out by doing a 5 step risk assessment:

a) Identify the hazards
b) Decide who might be harmed
c) Evaluate the Risks and decide on precautions
d) Record findings
e) Monitor and
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The following types of PPE to be used when according to the Msds of Titanium dioxide are as followed
Safety Goggles- this should be used instead of safety glasses because they offer a more adequate form of protection. Dust causes irritation of the eyes therefore this type of PPE is required.
Hand Protection- with constant exposure to the dust, the skin tends to become dry and irritation can occur. The type of gloves that can be used is any chemical gloves that are approved by ANSI standards (Z81).
Protective Clothing – such as coveralls or long sleeves should be worn. This clothing should be impervious to avoid contact with the skin.
Face Shields- should be worn to prevent splatter or contact with the face of the employees.
Respirators- Self Containing breathing Apparatus (SCBA) should be worn to ensure that clean air is inhaled. These respirators should be of NIOSH or MSHA approved with the relevant cartirgides for the concentrations of 100 mg3 Training is a must for the proper use and maintenance of the

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