Tithe In Ayn Rand's Unwind

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In Unwind every character grows from beginning of the story to the end. Their experience and different relationship change them for better or worse. Within the novel Lev becomes a new person by changing his personality and behavior from beginning to end. In Unwind there are people who are Tithe and the character Lev is one of them. Here are some examples of the Tithe (Lev). He was being treated better than everyone and he was the only one getting attention at the party. Here is a quote from the book, "This is in all for him It's all about him. And he's determined to have the best time of his life". Lev dressed in all white believes he is apart of god and that god wants this for him. Here is a quote, "This is what I was born for. It's what…show more content…
This part is going to show how Lev has changed. Lev doesn't consider himself a tithe anymore but a street kid. The pawnshop is going to show you how he has become smarter. "If it were a piece of junk" the kid says " you would have offered me a hundred. I'll bet you wouldn't have offered me anything." He looks at the bracelet dangling from his fingers. "I really don't how much something like this is worth, but I bet it's worth thousands. All I'm asking is five hundred, which means whatever it's worth, you're getting a great deal." "The pawnbroker comes to sometime later, with a headache and a faint memory that something had gone wrong. It takes a few seconds for him to pull himself together and realize exactly what happened. That little monster conned him! He got him to open the safe, and the moment he did, he knocked him out and cleaned out the safe." "Sure enough, the safe is open wide—but it's not entirely empty. Inside is the bracelet, its gold and diamonds looking even brighter against the ugly gray steel of the empty safe. How much money had been in the safe? Fifteen hundred, tops. This bracelet is worth at least three times that. Still a deal—and the kid knew it." This next part is when Lev arrives at the graveyard. "This is no longer the clean-cut tithe he pulled out of his parents' car more than two months before. This kid has long, unkempt hair and a hardened look about him. This kid isn't in tithing whites but
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