Titian Enemies Of The Virgin Analysis

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Titian was an Italian Renaissance painter. He used oil-based paint for his artwork. The Assumption and Consecration of the Virgin is kept in Venice on a high altar in the Basilica de Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. This painting stand twenty-two feet high and is arched at the top. Three sections are shown in this piece of artwork. The clouds separate the realms of earth and Heaven. This representational painting shows the unity of Heaven and mortals on earth. It also expresses the need for God the Father. At the bottom, you have the apostles. Most of them have longer hair and beards. They are looking up towards the virgin, Mary. Mary mothered Jesus and is ascending up towards Heaven. Some of the apostles are kneeling on the ground; others are reaching out towards Mary.…show more content…
One-point linear perspective is used with God as the vanishing point. Your eyes cannot help but to follow the looks that ascend upwards. The chiaroscuro shows the darkness and shadows on the earth and gets lighter towards Heaven. The apostles are wearing complementary colors of red and green on their clothes. The clouds are fluffy and white with shadows of gray. The higher sky is a yellow-orange with hues of gold. The red, yellow, and orange shows the warmth in the painting. Whereas the paler blue sky at the bottom show a cooler temperature. The Assumption and Consecration of the Virgin is polychromatic with its variety of color. This painting is an example of iconography. It is widely understood by the Christian culture. Mary was an important figure in biblical times. She carried Jesus though she was a virgin. She was a faithful servant to God. The apostles followed Jesus who died for all sins. God is ruler and protector of all. He watches over all of mankind. Many people worship Him and appreciate pieces of art that play a role in religion. This is an aesthetically beautiful painting that had a big part in the Italian

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