Title IX: The Fight For Equality

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Equality for all. Do the majority of coaches and parents really want equality for all athletes? The answer to this question is, surprisingly, under discrepancy. Title IX, a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded educational activity and or program, is starting to be thought of as “over the top.” Title IX faces controversy as some think that it takes away from male sports. However, the main purpose is to stop using federal money to support sex discrimination in programs. Title IX still exists to open up opportunities for women, offering equality for all people, and to advance women in professional sports while preparing them for the world. Title IX levels the playing field as well as opens up…show more content…
As stated by Nauen, Title IX does not require colleges to take away men’s athletic teams in order to make room for female teams. Adding opportunity is not done by just taking them away from male sports. Title IX provides opportunities for all. Schools are dropping sports for a multitude of reasons; money is a key factor. Moreover, Jean Hastings Ardell, author of Breaking Into Baseball: Women and the National Pastime, commented on how Title IX has blown away limitations for half the country (Nauen). This statement sums up the numerous positive effects that Title IX has had on the female athletic world, such as empowerment, ambition, and healthy habits. Secondly, Title IX has had a positive effect on the Olympics with more female participants. For example, the increase in female athletes after Title IX is captured in the article written by Doris Nhan , entitled “U.S. Women, Title IX Wins Big in Olympics.” The author informs the reader about how for the first time in history the female athletes outnumbered male athletes in the most recent Olympics. Nhan further states the female athletes of the recent spring Olympics won 29 of the 46 medals. Title IX has impacted the high school, colleges, and now the…show more content…
For example, Title IX has empowered women not only in sports, but also in education and work. Marj Snyder, chief program officer of the Women's Sports Foundation, stated the number of women undergraduates before Title IX was a mere 35% ,and now the number has risen to 57% (Nauen). The rising number of female undergraduates is a direct correlation to Title IX, this proves the that Title IX has changed lives of women on and off the field. Correspondingly, in a report of the twenty-five years with Title IX, the Department of educations states that “the critical values learned from sports participation--including teamwork, standards, leadership, discipline, self-sacrifice, and pride in accomplishment -- are being brought to the workplace as women enter employment in greater numbers” (qtd. In Nauen). Participating in a sport has a lasting impact whether one continues the sport professionally or not; without Title IX, a vast amount of women would be at a disadvantage later in life due to the fact that they would not have the opportunity to participate in a team. Aside from sports, Title IX was instituted to break the boundaries that kept women out of law and medical programs. Nauen states how before Title IX was put into place, more than a quarter of men finished college, but less than a fifth of women completed college. Now with Title IX the
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