Exemplification Essay: Women's Fight For Equality In Sports

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It’s a Thursday night and the girls volleyball team has a game. All the girls are super excited and tell everyone they encounter, “Don’t forget, volleyball game tonight at 6pm sharp!” The gym is all decorated and has streamers hanging from everywhere. The time has come for the game to start and the audience is made up of parents and siblings. A few friends of players are scattered around the stands, but the majority of our fans are parents. The girls look at each other with a mutual feeling of sadness knowing exactly why no one is there. Just then they hear a whistle from outside and it’s like salt in a wound. Each player knows at that moment, the student body of our high school is outside in the cold. They are sitting in the bitter stands watching the football team, who never win or barely ever get a touchdown, play. The girls take a deep breath in and keep moving. For them, it’s not a surprise and they know they shouldn’t have gotten…show more content…
Women have made enormous strides since the beginning of their fight. So large in fact, this year in the Olympics, for the first time in 20 years, the female athletes took home more gold medals than the males. The United States Women’s ice hockey team also overcame great odds. They won the gold for the first time in 20 years, beating their biggest rivals, Canada. Personally, I stayed up late watching that game. I was cheering for the team even though I have never been a big fan of hockey myself. I felt that by cheering for the women on that team, I was cheering for all female athletes who are going for their dreams. Although these Olympic athletes finally have gold around their necks, they still don 't have it in their pockets. Women have indeed made great progress in their fight for equal rights in sports, but they haven’t reached the finish line

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