Title IX: Women Involved In Sports

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Title IX
When Title IX was passed, one in twenty-one high schools girls played a sport. Most people think Title IX only applies to sports, but athletics is one of the many areas addressed by the law. Women were not able to pursue their dreams as much as men. They were not able to show their true talent that most women had. Even though Title IX stated that no one should be denied benefits all over the world systems were still not up to par and were not equally fair. Being involved in athletics is an important benefit that no one should be granted just because of their race, age, and gender. Title IX has been one of the most influential laws to respect to women, and specifically female athletes. Women demanded they needed a chance to become involved
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“Concerns about family, marriage, children, and over one’s life and destiny on issues dealing with birth control and abortion are but one set of concerns. Educational opportunities, occupational choices, even the right to work outside of the home are yet another set of concerns” (Lunardini xii). They had a lot of other problems to be solved as well. Most were just involved in trying to become accepted in the sports world, but many had other situations outside sports. These problems kept arising turning into bigger problems. “Women couldn’t attend college to most states. The wages they earned working outside the home went to their husbands or fathers, not to them. And they were helpless to change the laws because they weren’t allowed to vote” (Blumenthal 10). Women were helpless and it was simply the men’s show.
On very little occasions girls got the chance to play with the boys. “For many decades girls’ only real chance to compete would come on occasional “Play Days” with neighboring schools” (57). These were very special to the girls because this was their only chance to be mixed with boys, while playing sports that they loved. This kept giving girls the confidence and sooner or later they would not worry about not being accepted. “No longer would females accept ‘No girls allowed’ attitude” (91). Women and girls did not take any grief and kept on fighting for their
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“These women activists provided a support system to encourage the implementation of women’s equity through the Title IX, the Women’s Educational Equity Act, and related legislation”(Aquila 7). These women were a major part of keeping the women held together through these tough times. Their support system was very bold and they stuck to their word. Another group of women were a big part in Title IX. “A group of women that year hastily formed the National Organization of Women or NOW, at a conference on women. NOW’s goal would be to push for better enforcement of the law and to seek ‘full equality for women’ ” (Blumenthal 20). These groups of activist were a positive part of this time period. Much of female participation in sports and Title IX has changed the political position of women and young girls. The female opportunity can only continue to soar and show more progress over the years. People do not realize that women have the potential to play any sport that a man can play, with equal skill, if not better. If it were not for Title IX women and men would not have achieved amazing goals on and off the playing field. Women deserved every bit of what they earned and even more. Men and women were both given the same amount of opportunities, but somehow the women were still not treated the
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