Title Ix Debate

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Over time so many women and men have been effected by Title Ix. I bet you are wondering what Title Ix is. It’s the law that prohibits the discrimination of sex of any educational program or activity it allows women to do basically what men can do like sports. From 1972-2016 it has impacted the lives of so many women, today we see so many women basketball players, tennis players, volleyball players, and even soccer players and so many more. Women's rights have grown by creating the Title Ix and so many other laws mainly I want to talk about sports because it seems to me that's what has mostly been changed now that both genders can play the same sports and any sports they like. Nowadays you see over more than 150,000 girls around the world are participating and are on sports teams, and the amount has risen dramatically since Title Ix became official. Men scholarships and women scholarships are incompatible, In 2007-2008 1.6% of men received athletic scholarships in relation to the 1.1% of women who received them, compared to 2.4% of men and 1.0% of women who received them in 1992-1993("Athletic Scholarships - Who Gets Them and How Many Are There) It's
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