Titrimetric Analysis Of Calcium Acetate

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Faculty of Pharmacy
Analytical Chemistry Department
Assignment Topic: Calcium Acetate
Course Title: Analytical Chemistry 2
Course Code: PC223
Lab Group: F3
Submitted To: Dr. Souha Hosam
Prepared By: Manar Mohamed Abd El Aziz - 170339
Due Date: 23-10-2017 Introduction:
There is more than one method to be used in the quantitative analysis. One of these methods is titration method which used in the titrimetric analysis. Titrimetric analysis is the quantitative chemical method which determines the accurate concentration of sample to react with another known volume and concentration substance. Titrimetric analysis was been called volumetric analysis as it expresses the analysis method better than volumetric analysis. The standard in titrimetric analysis is called titrant and the unknown concentration substance is called sample. The glassware remained attached to the term volumetric such as volumetric flasks. Titration can be defined as the process of adding the titrant to the sample until end of the reaction. The equivalence point, which also called stoichiometric point, is the point at which the reaction is end and it can be determined by observing a change in physical properties of the sample itself or by indicator which is a reagent changes its colour by the change in pH. The point at which the indicator changes its colour called endpoint. By determining the volume of the titrant and sample, the concentration will be easily calculated.
Titration can be done by many

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