Tituba Salem Witch Trial

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The Salem witch trials are an outstanding example of a dysfunction in a “perfect” society. Tituba as part of that society helps us understand the simpleness of a complex shaped idea. Notwithstanding that Tituba is considered irrelevant during the Salem trials, nevertheless Tituba exposes European perceptions of Native Americans as a basis for cultural superiority and oppression, since Tituba is an indisputable symbol of injustice, of an ignominious drama, slavery, racism, as well as the defamation of a culture. The decisions that Tituba made throughout her trial, contributed in a substantial magnitude to the American history that’s known nowadays. If it wasn 't for the confession of the actions that Tituba made, the unfolding of the witch…show more content…
“The confession of Tituba during the trial had elements that were both English and Arawak”. The Arawak folklore helped her give shape to the tale she imparted.“The records in Barbados suggest that Tituba was likely of Arawak descent”. A particular characteristic that the Arawak culture had, was the personification of evil that could change shape to an animal or human. “Tituba 's young world was informed by these beliefs practices and fears. she brought the mental images of kenaimas and the reality of dreams with her to barbados from south america. Elements of those beliefs would surface later and with great consequence during her interrogation in Salem in 1692”. The idea that the spiritual was more powerful than human, probes that American Indian culture somehow matches the ideals of the European perception of…show more content…
Another important event that shaped the history of the Amerindian culture were the trials of Anne Hutchinson. “She began holding meetings in her home where she led discussions of religious issues among men and women. She was placed on trial before a civil court for sedition.” Anne Hutchinson’s trial displays the inequality of differences of thinking, in a society where there is only one absolute truth. Tituba is the very expression of forced eradication of Native Americans’ culture, she was succumbed to exploitation and even traveled across the sea to a remote and cold regions like New England to become acquainted of the misfortune of being treated like a witch in that excruciating process by which many innocent lives were lost and where history consequently acquires as the process of the witches of Salem. Tituba exposes the rudeness of European to Native Americans, but most importantly the mistreat of people that differed from the ideals of the beliefs. People were not only abused but killed. The superiority perception of Europeans, changed throughout the years, but there is no denying that changes were only made because of convenience. “The colonial empires used native people as guides, trading partners, and allies in wars and for other purposes.” They main concern was acquire more land without the treat that Native Americans made, for that reason, the only way to establish themselves was treating Amerindians as objects, not humans. Tituba is a clear example of the
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