Tituba's Use Of Dramatic Irony In The Crucible '

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1. The irony in the statement of the unclasp between the Christ of the gospels and the people of Salem. 2. The people said what they wanted to say even if it wasn’t true in order to get them in trouble because that is what they wanted. 3. Tituba- Rev. Parris Slave Abigail- Parris Niece and also John secret side chick Betty- The Daughter of Parris 4. Mrs. Putnam’s Believes there are witches because she knows that Tituba does rituals so she believes that Tituba is a witch 5. Thomas is bitter because he wasn’t able to be the mister because of the fact that the townspeople rejected him 6. Because Abigail Caused Trouble ever since Parris took her in as his own 7. Mary wants Abigail to tell the truth about what happened that night because what…show more content…
22. Tituba was forced to confess what really happened because, they were going to beat her until she confessed about what happened. She confessed to witchcraft, and also because Mrs. Putnam’s told Tituba to do the ritual and that is why Tituba did what she did 23. Abigail and the girls knew that at one point they would get caught so Abigail would do anything to keep herself from getting in trouble, so when she found out that people were accusing them, she stared to say that the devil forced them in to doing all those things because she knew that they would get some serious consequences for doing what they did by dancing and doing witch things and plus she is the leader of the group so they do what she says 24. She wants john to go in town and tell the authorities that the girls are lying about what really happened. Abagail told proctor they whole story about what really happened in the woods and why she was doing what she is doing. Abagail Confessed to Proctor and proctor told his wife about what Abagail told him so now Elizabeth wants her husband to confess to the authorities. 25. He is unwilling to go because he don’t want to get involve with the situation he wants to go but at the same time he doesn’t so he rather think about it first before
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