Titus Andronicus Analysis

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Arjun Sharma THEA 1301-300 Dunwoody Campus 02.22.2016 Titus Andronicus Outline I. Act one: A. Scene one 1. Setting: Takes place in Rome, Before the Capitol 2. Characters: Saturninus, Bassianus, Marcus Andronicus, Captain, Titus Andronicus, Lucuis, Tamora, Chiron, Demetrius, Lavina, Mitius, Quintus 3. Plot: After the death of the Emperor of Rome, his two sons named Saturninus and Bassianus ask the mass who should be the one to handle the throne. Saturninus being the first son, wants senators to make him the emperor and on the other hand Bassianus chimes in that the throne should be given to the guy who deserves it the most and he thinks he is the one to deserve it. Then enters Marcus stating that people have already chosen their emperor and its Titus Andronicus as he is the novelist and bravest guy in the land. Then enters Titus with his sons and two dead sons in the coffin. He comes along Tamora, queen of goths and her three sons and Aaron the Moore. Before burying Titus sons, Titus living son Lucius asks Titus…show more content…
Scene Three 1. Setting: Takes place in the court of Titus’s house where a banquet is set out. 2. Characters: Lucius, First Goth, Aaron, Saturninus, Marcus Andronicus, Titus Andronicus, Tamora, Lavina, Aemilius, Young Lucius, 3. Plot: In this last scene, Lucius arrives to Titus house and hands over Aaron to Marcus. Then there arrives Saturninus and Tamora. Here Titus kills his own daughter Lavina after telling the story of how a father killed his daughter who has been raped to the guests. When Saturninus asks Titus who raped Lavina, then he reveals the name of Tamora son after Tamora took the first bite of human pie which was of her ow sons and then Titus stabs Tamora. Then the scene is followed by Saturninus killing Titus and Lucius Killing Saturninus. Then Lucius is announced as the new emperor. Then Lucius says that Titus and Lavina be placed in the family Tomb, whereas Tamora will be fed to animals and Aaron is to be buried
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