Titus's Feed: Summary

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In the story, Feed, Titus visits his girlfriend, Violet who has a malfunction that would most definitely change her life forever. She regrets not doing certain activities before the malfunction, which leads to her depression. For example, she wants to dance with a lacrosse team. “That’s….. so cliche.”. In Feed, Violet feels as if she is different than everyone else because of her malfunction, which is one of the reasons why she is so depressed. The reason for, is because she cannot have as much experience compared to normal people, due to the bug in her feed. She also feels as if she is nothing without the feed. “My idea of life, it’s what happens when they’re rolling the credits…. What am I, without the feed? It’s all from the feed credits. My idea of real life”.…show more content…
For example, dancing with a lacrosse team or going on rides, such as “the teacups” or the “Tilt-a-Whirl”. On the other hand, she still holds hope for new memories as long as she has Titus is supporting her. I know that when Violet says, “Don’t worry, Titus. We’re still together. No matter what, we’ll still be together.”. In the story, Feed, we learn many things about Violet’s personality, even without her malfunction. I my understanding of the story, I can infer that Violet is a very lively person when she says, “I want to dance. You know? That’s so cliche, but that’s what I see myself doing.”. It also states that during the party, she said that “It felt good. Really good, just to scream finally. I felt like I was singing a hit single…”. In conclusion, the inferences that I’ve found about Violet, make up her personality. Maybe next time, she’ll be more prepared and make new memories that will give her hope that there is still room to restart
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