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TKAM Study Guide Chapters 20-23 Expectation: At least 3 sentences per question. Why had Dolphus Raymond made himself into a town outcast? What commentary is he making about the town and its values? Dolphus has made himself a town outcast because the town doesn’t accept the way he wants to live his life. All he does is gives them a reason to, which he can’t help because he is always drunk. He is saying the town is too stubborn to change. What techniques of persuasion did Atticus use during his summation speech to the jury? (appeals to emotion, appeal to own values, appeal to society, appeal to truth?) Atticus says he has sympathy for Mayella but her poor situation in life does not justify her putting Tom 's life in danger. Atticus then uses the logical evidence that Mayella…show more content…
What does this reveal about the class structure of Maycomb County? Because she has to be in the situation in the first place. And because he knows that he did not do it so he feels bad that her dad would do something like that to her. This reveals that all people in Maycomb do care for other people in some way. What were the many things that Scout learned about injustice during her day as a spectator in court? Scout learned that the jury system is unfair because a jury never looks at a defendant it has convicted, and when the jury came in, not one of them looked at Tom Robinson. What did Atticus mean when he said to Aunt Alexandra, “This is their home . . . they might as well learn to cope with it . . . It’s just as much Maycomb County as missionary teas.”? He meant that they’ve made Maycomb this way for them and they need to learn how to cope with it because it is their home. Why did Miss Maudie invite the children in for cake on the day after the trial and tell the, “It’s just a baby step, but it’s a step.”? Miss Maudie gave Jem a slice from the big cake. She does this to show he’s growing
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