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Protocol for Initial TLC: A TLC chamber and a TLC plate were obtained making sure to wear gloves and to not damage the silica coating on the TLC plate. A line was drawn about 1 cm above the bottom of the plate using a pencil. The TLC plate was spotted with the unknown by adding a small drop to the plate with a capillary tube and then allowing the solvent to evaporate. The TLC chamber was prepared by adding enough methylene chloride to cover the bottom of the jar to about 0.5 cm depth. A piece of filter paper was placed into the jar and the solvent was allowed to travel up the paper which greatly increased the surface area of the solvent. Once the TLC plate was spotted and the chamber was prepared, the plate was placed into the jar containing…show more content…
The column was gently tapped to remove air pockets after adding the sand and alumina. The chromatic column was pre-wetted with CH2Cl2 (about 3 mL) until it began to drip. About 1 mL of the unknown was added to the column and the level of the solution in the column was allowed to descend to the top of the alumina. It was made sure that the solvent level did not drop below the alumina layer. Once the level of the sample reached the top of the alumina, CH2Cl2 was carefully added to the column without disturbing the sand or alumina. The initial colorless elute was collected in a 20 mL beaker. The colored bands started to separate and progress towards the bottom of the column. Methylene chloride was continuously added to maintain the solvent level above the top sand layer in the column. About 4 mL was needed to elute the first colored band. Once the first colored band reached the bottom of the column, a clean vial was switched and used to collect the first colored fraction. After one colored fraction of the unknown was eluted off of the column, the 20 mL beaker was switched with the vial to collect the colorless eluent until the remaining CH2Cl2 in the column reached the top of the alumina layer. The eluted colorless methylene chloride was disposed of. Acetone was carefully added to the column. The initial colorless elute was collected in the 20 mL beaker. The last colored band

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