Tn Promise Pros And Cons

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TN Promise is Terrible Will free college help America? The new TN Promise program is offering two free years of community college to high school seniors as a way to boost percentages of students getting a higher education. This sounds like a deal, but is it really helping? Scores from these community colleges are very low and so are the graduation rates. When students’ scores are this low, how beneficial is the quality of the education at these community colleges? Even students who are fully eligible for the TN Promise program, or college, are not prepared to go. says that this is the case for 60% of incoming college students. There is a huge gap between college readiness and college eligibility. Are high schools in the United States and Tennessee lying about students being able ready for college? It appears to be this way with the amount of college students with “high” scores taking remedial classes. This means that high schools are not sending students to…show more content…
Imagine, the whole graduating class of a high school attending the local community college. Now, imagine this all over the country. An associate’s degree would be the new high school diploma. To get any job after college, it would require a master’s degree. Another downside to this would be the equality of the professors. Currently, college kids are getting the best education possible with the best educators there. This is because college is extremely expensive and professors are getting their fair share of the funds. Research actually shows that the highest scores come from the most expensive school, University of Tennessee. ( How well would professors be teaching if they got paid as much as a babysitter that is sixteen years
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