Tnc Activities On The Global Environment Essay

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The Impact of TNC activities on the Global Environment
The growth of transnational corporations (TNCs) has arguably been one of the ground-breaking developments of the contemporary era. TNCs are those corporations that operate businesses usually in different parts of the world but with headquarters in their mother countries. In light of this statement, one might commence by asserting that scholars of international environmental politics argue that the environmental behaviour of transnational companies (TNCs) is very contentious, because on the one hand they exploit cross-country differences in terms of environmental regulations by localizing tainted operations in countries with sloppy environmental rules and by accustoming their affiliates'
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This is because the consumption of fossil fuels generates the likelihood for global climate change, cross country pollution such as acid rain and ecosystem degradation due to mining activities and transportation of these fuels by TNC’s. From this inference, one might argue that economic globalization stimulates the need for globalization of the environmental system according to established international trade norms. These established norms imply that it is arguably commanding to have a worldwide network of information and management that can guarantee the sustainable use of resources (Beck, 1998: 279). From this argument, international relations scholars asserts that environmental distresses have not only stirred on to the wider sphere of the international policy arena, but they have become a dominant force among contemporary world actors including TNC’s. Thus, the promotion of environmental friendly foreign policies by states is seen as a free market environmentalism approach. The advocates of such an approach to environmental concerns acknowledge that the effective way to improve the international environment is through collective action, which implies to take decisive action by means of thinking globally while acting
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