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According to the TNCC 's Graduation Transfer Retention report, only 15.7 percent of students were able to complete their degree in 2012. This statistic is appalling because the students are working hard in their classes, paying the college 's financial gills, and hoping to get their degree. Some of student cannot graduate. I am attending Thomas Nelson Community College, and I hope to earn my degree within two years. Although college is difficult, I will be successful by seeking advice from experts and developing some effective study strategies.

When I was a student at Gallaudet University, I found college to be difficult. After five years, I was a junior. I faced many challenges. One challenge was the wrong major. I picked the Graphic Design major that I thought was the 3D Game designer. Truly, I did not know and did not research the major first before I took the courses without someone help me to find the right major. Another challenge was overwhelming classes. The classes were very tough, and I was trying to take the required classes to try to finish my major and get a degree. The teachers had high expectation, were not flexible, and were also strict in the most classes. In addition, I also struggled with my motivation. I lost motivation due to losing my
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Because college is difficult, I will seek advice from experts on learning. One expert is the famous author Stephen Covey. He uses the story of a bamboo plant to advise students to break our old habits into new habit levels and improve our educations. The second famous author is Yvonne Thornton. Her advice is from the rabbit theory. She means that she always joins the random group and ask what is going on to study something important in education. More likely to be aggressive to learn something new. Finally, the third most famous is Thomas Edison. His examples were that the students did not realize how close they were to success when they gave
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