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I came to Thomas Nelson Community College (TNCC) after transferring from Gallaudet University. I found that what I was required to take a pre-course before taking the real credit courses at TNCC called English Fundamentals 1. So, I took the class that my counselor and my interpreter, who worked in 25 years at TNCC, recommended me to meet Ms. Dubbé. This semester I have improved my reading and writing skills. I am a better student because I have learned effective strategies and pondered over my future goals. I have learned a lot about myself as a reader and a writer. When I first began class, I tried to read the DRP test. I had forgotten everything about college vocabulary that was on the test since I left the university in 2013. I had not read any books in a few months until teacher recommend for me to take fifteen minutes to read…show more content…
My goal is to improve writing at the English college level, so that I am able to communicate and write papers clearly for the college class 's requirement and for my future career. Writing is difficult for me because I am a deaf student at the TNCC College. ASL is different from English because it does not include articles, and words such as “is” and “be.” When I write, I have to learn to include all the words that I do not normally use in my native language. This makes it more challenging for me to express myself when writing a paper because the two languages do not match. In addition, I am in doubt about my Graphic Design major. I transferred into a new major called Fine Art and it requires me to take four years to get a degree. I am thinking about my dilemma. Should I retake another four years to get the comfortable major or two years to graduate with a Graphic Design degree? Right now, I plan to change my Graphic Design into a minor for now and select a new major as Fine Art at TNCC. I hope I will find the right career for me in the
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