Lady Bedspacer I Once Knew Wherever She May Be

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Emmanuel Torres’ “To a Lady Bedspacer I Once Knew, Wherever She May Be” tackles themes concerning isolation and solitude through the depiction of the lifestyle of a woman, who, with her tight apartment, longs for privacy and freedom. The work’s very title discloses significant details about the poem, its setting, and the parties involved. The phrase, “To a lady bedspacer I once knew,” and the use of second-person pronouns all throughout the poem indicates that the persona via the poem was formerly acquainted with the addressee of the poem, who once resided in an apartment, along with several other individuals. In the Philippines, the term “bedspacer” usually refers to an individual who cannot afford to pay rent alone. As such, several people at a time often room together and divide the lease among themselves. Moreover, the second half of the title, “Wherever she may be,” indicates that the addressee has left the setting of the…show more content…
A locket is usually worn around the neck, close to the heart, with some sentimental thing kept inside, because of this, a locket is a common symbol for a hidden secret held dear by whoever wears it. With this in mind, the reader can conclude that the poem’s addressee is concealing something that is dear and means a lot. The last stanza reveals more about the addressee and her hidden sentiments. This stanza tackles her dream: to have her own space to be herself. The cramped conditions of the poem’s setting forced the addressee to take on a different version of herself, and don a “mask” for the other tenants of the apartment. She longs for her own space where she can be completely free or, in other words, “naked.” Above all, Torres’ “To a Lady Bedspacer I Once Knew, Wherever She May Be” delivers an eccentric narrative that is relevant to modern society in regards to the average person’s need for
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