To All The Boys I Ve Loved Before Analysis

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We don’t want to be busted on how we perceived towards someone, notably when the affections are over or gone, especially when all your feeling is buried through written –a retreat letter, which you kept so much like your deepest secrets lies on it. However, New York Times bestselling author Jenny Han made me feel how twitchy and embarrassing it was to be busted through Lara Jean story in her book To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. The story of the silly and childish Lara Jean and on how she handle the most cringe worthy time of her teenage life –all her letters for her past crushes with no forethought of sending it to them was sent one day without her permission that results a great alter. To all the boys I’ve loved before is permeate of girlish feels that narrates the most ignominious event that could occur in a typical young lady in a senior high school level. A spectacular, evasive and amusing yet note-worthy diegesis. The twist and plots are circumstances that girls would not want to transpire to their lives…show more content…
The story apprise about typical teenager whom had a crush and things that was before so plain gone hype. It portrays how she cope up on the sudden twists on her life which put her into a knee-shaking situation results to tongue-tied and rattled reaction. The storyline has the most breath taking and embarrassing twist yet the character was still able to deplane her own endeavor in the long run. And, If we are going to see the bigger picture the story is filled of roller coaster events that girls wished to betide in their lives as a teenager. You get the idea of why the author would have this kind of twist since it is something that teenager girls this days are dreaming about to supervene upon their lives –a fairytale but not a love story plot definitely will be read into this
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