North Korea Informative Speech

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Permit me to introduce you to the actress who will be playing the lead role of Vera in the soon-to-be-filmed movie, To Avenge. Her name is Cabrina Collesides, and she is a resident of the Hudson Valley in New York. She is perhaps best known for her film, Fight Valley.

Cabrina is fresh off the film, Wing Girl in which she plays "Edge", a member of an all-female military aerial performance team. The team gets called to duty and must prove themselves during a dangerous combat mission over North Korea.

Later this year, Worthless will be released. The film has a timely anti-bullying message. Cabrina shares scenes with actress Tara Reid from the American Pie movies.

In To Avenge, Cabrina plays Vera, a recent college graduate who 's been unexpectedly
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That 's kind of when I come alive, I 'd say.

Wing Girl
You 've worked on a lot of independent features and shorts over the course of your career. Have you done more mainstream stuff?

I would say Wing Girls had a pretty good budget. It 's the newest film on my resume. It 's about fighter jets and six girls that are really aerial stunt performers. They get called in for a job that 's not in line with their real job.

Toni Ann Gisondi, Cabrina Collesides, Marisa Pangaro, Susannah Jane, and Brandi Mosko in Wing Girl
They are not combat aviators, but we kind of get thrown into the mix of things and we really have to step it up. It challenges our beliefs about war. That was a bigger budget, and we got to be on an actual ship. And this ship was really, really big, so we had all these signs posted everywhere because we all got lost. We would get lost constantly! Even to go to the bathroom, we would get lost, and we would call each other, "Now which way do we go?" It was definitely a blast. The director actually gave us helmets because some of the doors are so low. He gave me this helmet, and I said, "Yeah, I 'm not gonna hit any ceilings or walls. I 'm
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I think they are great opportunities, especially for young people like you, to play characters that you might not get to play in the mainstream market.

Yes, that is true. I love all these wonderful characters I 've gotten to play.

Fight Valley
Going back to Fight Valley, what role did you play in that film?

I played Jamie. The movie is about an underground fight club. What I would say about Jamie is that she doesn 't fight unless she has to fight. For example, if her best friends get in a brawl, then she has to help them out. But she is more the one who talks it through. She doesn 't necessarily believe in fighting too much. But when push comes to shove, she does stand up for her friends. She will get into it with them when she must, but she is more the level-headed one.

I know that movie had a limited release, but it 's now available to stream online on practically every streaming service. So if people want to look it up and watch it, they can.

That is correct. And I think it turned out really well.

What do you think is the strength of this film? Why will viewers like

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