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Permit me to introduce you to the actress who will be playing the lead role of Vera in the soon-to-be-filmed movie, To Avenge. Her name is Cabrina Collesides, and she is a resident of the Hudson Valley in New York. She is perhaps best known for her film, Fight Valley.

Cabrina is fresh off the film, Wing Girl in which she plays "Edge", a member of an all-female military aerial performance team. The team gets called to duty and must prove themselves during a dangerous combat mission over North Korea.

Later this year, Worthless will be released. The film has a timely anti-bullying message. Cabrina shares scenes with actress Tara Reid from the American Pie movies.

In To Avenge, Cabrina plays Vera, a recent college graduate who 's been unexpectedly rewarded with a week 's vacation from her employer as a "thank you" for five years of part-time work with her company where she 's just accepted her first post-college, full-time job. While at her parents beach house, she is sexually assaulted.

RH: Cabrina, I 'm so glad it worked out to talk with you tonight.

CC: Me too, Ruth.
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Yeah! It 's really important to be able to show why people bully and why it 's so bad. When I was in eighth grade, I got bullied by these groups of "preps." Of all people, the preps had to bully me! I was so big on sports, but I had these girls flipping their hair at me and throwing grass on my face and yelling, "Spider! Spider!" It was horrible at recess time. They bullied me constantly, and this group made it a point to always be together and never one-on-one with them. There was always this group surrounding me. It was such a terrible experience. But afterwards, I started making fun of this one girl in my class. And it almost made me feel better. So I understand bullying. By the end of that year, thank God I came to my senses! I thought, "I know how much it hurt for these girls to bully me, so I can imagine how she feels." So I

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