Literary Analysis: To Build A Fire By Jack London

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Literary Analysis The short story To Build a Fire by Jack London is a story showing the determination of a man's desire to survive and his traveling mate his dog. During the story the man seems unworried about the cold and the frost that began to come across his body as he was going on his hike, however the dog who doesn't understand dangour can slowly start to show signs that something is going to happen. As the story begins to progress the man starts going into small panics after realizing his fingers froze and his ability to build a fire becomes non existent. The story is very similar to the popular movie Lone Survivor. The movie is about a group of elite U.S. seals that gets caught in a hell storm and the four men must fight against hundreds…show more content…
Seals had everything go their way as did the man in London’s book. They were able to find the camp of the Taliban soldiers and keep their distance out of sight until a small group of goat herders crossed their paths they couldn't prepare for this as the man couldn't prepare for himself breaking through the ice and getting wet. After each of these story changing points they were both in trouble. In the story To Build a Fire the man seemed cocky in his abilities to survive and that he didn't think he needed a mate to walk with, just like a character in the movie as did private Matt Axelson thought that no matter what he was the baddest guy on the planet and that there was no way the Taliban army could kill him. However they both seemed to accept their faiths of dying by knowing there was no longer any need to fight for their bodies could no longer take it. As their mind has pushed them as far as it possibly could. Even know they both ended up dying they both were able to do so kind of on their terms when the man in the story just layed down and thought to himself there are much worse ways of dying than in his sleep and when Private Matt had one last stand and was killed in an epic firefight that would buy his fellow members a little more time to run away from their death. This shows two men who knew it was over but wanted to make sure they had a small decision on how it would end for
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