To Educate A Girl Analysis

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The documentary “To Educate a Girl” was very touching to watch. In various aspects, I can relate. As a young woman growing up, I use to wonder why my mom never went to college or why my cousins just stayed home and worked the farm. I use to ponder why people in the community would talk so harshly of girls, but then be so lenient with the boys. Growing up in a house with eight uncles, my mom, grandmother, and grandfather was difficult.
My mother worked hard and always told me if it is one thing she will make sure of is that I get the best education she can afford. I remember my mom having to work hard at her job and still come home and help my grandmother do all the house chores while my uncles just played video games after school all day. They did not have to wash a pan or sweep the floor, but I never understood till I became a little older. In my teenage years, I started to understand society's way of thinking. Why risk everything to educate your girl child when she is prone to pregnancy and other issues that would stop her education? My mom would say to her older brother, my uncle why not let the girls go to school and he would respond then who will
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Today, I am pursuing a second degree, a BS in Accounting with a job offer after graduation this summer. Refusal to let stereotype dictate what my life would be like I pushed through all the negative and came out on top. Important values such as those I will pass on to my firstborn who is also a girl. I am now a mother of two who is about to graduate with a second degree (only one in my family for generations that have furthered their education), recently purchased a house and is now married (now my family can stop bugging me about that). People do not define who you are or where you will end up. Only you can determine what your life will be. Consequently, as girls, we must work a little
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