To Kill A Gang Rhetorical Analysis

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For those whom this might offend, I want to say in advance that, I don’t care, if you are reading this not knowing how to react, then I am truly sorry. I’d rather listen to Fetty Wap try to to rap than to watch a bunch of people I know throw up ignorant hand signs, what’s the point? Is there a letter I missed? Why are people trying to be cool with gang members? I know a few of them and honestly there’s and honestly there’s no point in being in something that’ll get you killed in the end. I know what you’re thinking, if someone wants to get themselves killed I should let them… No, if teenagers are that stupid to get killed over a bandanna they look at it in more detail. It’s only a rag, nothing more. A kid raised his flag trying to fit in with the other people in the crowd, but when shots rang out and that kid was supposed to help but ran in fear instead.…show more content…
People don’t try the gang route when they know it could be death waiting for them right around the corner. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about but I know for fact the people in those gangs would betray you in a matter of seconds, and you be in a grave, or a jail cell because you wanted to be a “savage.” Lets run a hypothetical, if you get into a physical altercation because of gang violence , do you believe the people in that gang with you will help in any way? Don’t die because of a piece of cloth, there’s no point in death if it isn’t natural causes, don’t believe that flag helps you get around in
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