To Kill A Mocking Bird Nut Grass Analysis

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee has been read by thousands, and it teaches lessons that can be applied to everyone. Perhaps one of the most obvious themes in this novel is the importance of not being judgmental. Lee’s novel follows main characters Jem, Scout, and Atticus. Lee’s novel takes place during a time when black people were not so much loved. In her novel Atticus, the father, is defending a black man named Tom Robinson for raping a white women in the racially prejudice Southern rural Alabama during the Great Depression. Lee uses symbolism throughout her entire novel to represent various characters and ideas to reveal the theme.
Miss Maudie and her Nut Grass is an example of symbolism that Lee uses to reveal the moral of the theme. Miss Maudie is an elderly lady who loves the outdoors and obsesses over her beautiful, bright colored garden. One afternoon, Miss Maudie spots a small amount of nut grass in her yard and leaps down with force to dispose of it. When Scout realized Miss Maudie’s reaction to the Nut Grass, Scout begins to question her about why she is reacting so violently to the Nut grass and Miss Maudie replies with “Why one sprig of Nut grass can ruin a whole yard…” (Lee 42). The Nut Grass symbolizes one microscopic disastrous idea can be very dangerous
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A Mockingbird represents symbolizes innocence. In To Kill a Mockingbird, The Mockingbird is a creature that brings us no harm but instead makes music for us to enjoy. In Lee’s novel Atticus implies “…It’s a sin to kill a Mockingbird.” (Lee 90) The quote from Lee’s novel is spoken by Atticus. Atticus is teaching his kids that to kill a Mockingbird is wrong because they do nothing to us but make beautiful music. The Mockingbird symbolizes peace. In the novel, Miss Maudie also speaks about the Mockingbird in which To kill a Mockingbird is a sin. The Mockingbird in Lee’s novel is another example of
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