To Kill A Mocking Jay Ewell Analysis

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In the book To Kill a Mocking Jay by Harper Lee, the Ewell and Cunningham families are different in various ways. One difference is the level of respect they have for others. The Ewells have very little, if any respect for others. Burris Ewell is extremely rude to his teacher when she asks him to leave. He just “Laughed rudely” and says “ You ain’t sendin’ me home, missus. I was on the verge of leavin’”(27). Unlike Walter Cunningham who has respect for the teacher after she asks about his lunch. Another difference is the amount of effort they give. The Ewells don’t give as much effort. The Ewell dad doesn’t work and “spends his relief checks on green whiskey”. While the Cunningham father at least trys to farm. Finally, their amount of loyalty
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