To Kill A Mockingbird Adolf Hitler Comparison

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The rise of Hitler was an important event in history that expresses a terrible way of racism and hatred. Many bad things happened to many people because of the events that took place during the rise of Hitler. Tons of people died and families were broken up and never seen each other again. In To Kill a Mockingbird also express hatred and racism in terrible ways and are extremely racist. Adolf Hitler was the leader/dictator of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945, He was born in Austria in 1889. When he grew older he hated everything about Austria and hated the people. He moved from Austria to Germany because he hated Austria so much. After World War 1 he was chosen Chancellor by President Hendenburg. Hitler had speeches with the Nazi party. The Nazi party was a Nazi political party led by Hitler to take control of Germany. They were supreme and hated all kinds of people. They believed that all other…show more content…
Those people who had hatred against another race thought that they were more supreme. Both things had lots of people dying and lots of incidents happened because of hatred. They both had “groups” of people who tried to be more supreme and hated all other kinds of people. In the rise of Hitler it was the Nazi Party, and in To Kill a Mockingbird it was the farmers and some of the white residents. To Kill a Mockingbird is a book that expresses racism and hatred that affects people. In the book there are characters that act almost as if they are the best and they are racist because of that. Atticus teaches Scout and Jem to treat everybody the same. Bob Ewell isn't like Atticus, Scout or Jem. He wants to put Tom Robinson in jail for something he didn't even do because he is racist. These events are the same to the Rise of Hitler because Hitler kills a lot of Jews, when the Jews didn't do anything to him, because he is racist and has hatred towards
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