To Kill A Mockingbird Analysis

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Themes throughout To Kill A Mockingbird Do you imagine that a man who raises his kids in a racism filled town would be a good father? Well in Harper Lee’s book To Kill a MockingBird were maycomb county is a racist town yet Atticus still manages to keep his kids in line. He also loves reading the paper allowing his kids to get a good education by reading it to them at times. He can also teach his kids life lessons because he is a lawyer. Because of education, justice, and stereotyping, To Kill a Mockingbird is a great novel that can teach you many life lessons. Education is a very important skill and can be found in To Kill a Mockingbird a lot but one good example is when Atticus teaches Scout to read and ends up reading better than most kids her age due to Atticus’ reading every night. Atticus is a very understanding person and a reader can see that in many of his words but you can tell in many cases such as. “You need to quit reading at home”(pg 54) is what Scout 's teacher says when she finds out Scouts reading abilities. This statement shows Scout 's amazing reading comprehension and the level which she can read at. This of course comes from Atticus Finch.He reads the newspaper everyday and in doing that he has taught Scout how to read very well without going to school. He has taught her very well over her short life and so far has gotten her a great reading ability which has allowed her to pick up on many different new words and terms some worse than others. But a

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