What Are The Themes In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Themes throughout To Kill A Mockingbird Do you imagine that a man who raises his kids in a racism filled town would be a good father? Well in Harper Lee’s book To Kill a MockingBird were maycomb county is a racist town yet Atticus still manages to keep his kids in line. He also loves reading the paper allowing his kids to get a good education by reading it to them at times. He can also teach his kids life lessons because he is a lawyer. Because of education, justice, and stereotyping, To Kill a Mockingbird is a great novel that can teach you many life lessons.
Education is a very important skill and can be found in To Kill a Mockingbird a lot but one good example is when Atticus teaches Scout to read and ends up reading better than most
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“ Atticus, what 's a whore lady?”( pg ). As scout will get older she will learn many of the answers to her questions that she is asking now. But she picks up on a lot of things for her age which means she is more likely to say something she probably shouldn 't say. So a reader could tell this quote can be a great example of that seeing as it is very broad and normal for her to say because she doesn 't understand what it means. This quote also inherits the idea of some of the people in Maycomb county aret very nice as a reader may note but Scout uses these words out of curiosity and not out of disrespect. Atticus may very well be stressed out by how his youngest kid is using those words but he is the one who has given her her comprehension skills. Atticus is a very nice man who is kind to a lot of people but he also has an aggressive side when he is in the courtroom and his kids can learn from that. “Can you tell me which side of the neck the marks where on?”(pg ). In this quote you can see how Atticus is being very aggressive in this case because he is trying to get the…show more content…
In the book stereotyping is a big issue because it is mostly with racism in the book. People in maycomb relate racism with stereotyping because they assume white people and people of color should not be together like when people or confused by Raymond hanging out with black people and has mixed children. ¨He prefers to hangout with colored people and he has mixed kids” (pg ). As you can see in this quote there are many different types of stereotypes but in Maycomb county it 's mostly racist stereotyping. As a white man, Raymond seems to hangout with a group of black people and has a black wife with mixed children which Jem even feels is wrong because he think mixed children don 't fit
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