Calpurnia In To Kill A Mockingbird

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I am reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and I am on page 188. This book is about Scout, Dill, and Jem finding a mad dog named Tim Johnson. Atticus shoots it and they learn that he was the best shot in Maycomb county when he was younger. Jem gets mad at Mrs. Dubose and wrecks her camellias because she says bad things about Atticus. He has to read to her everyday for two hours as a punishment. Dill does not come back to Maycomb in the summer, and Atticus takes on Tom Robinson’s case. Aunt Alexandra comes to stay with the Finches. In this journal I will be evaluating. I think Calpurnia is a better mother figure to Jem and Scout than Aunt Alexandra because of how she punishes the kids and her daily interactions with them. Calpurnia is strict while punishing the kids. Atticus says she never lets them get away with anything. This shows that she is strict because she watches over them and makes sure they are only making good decisions. Atticus also says that she never indulges them like other nurses would. This proves she is strict because she does not spoil them and give them things they do not need. She also shows that she is strict because she hits Scout when Scout is being rude to Walter. She is strict because she is not afraid to punish them when she feels like they need to be punished. Her punishments are also very fair. She punishes Jem and Scout the same ways. This shows she is fair because she does not pick favorites and she punishes them based on what she thinks they deserve. She only punishes the kids if she thinks she needs to teach them a lesson. This proves that she is fair with her punishments because she does not give out unnecessary punishments and she always has a good reason for the punishment.…show more content…
I was able to come to this conclusion by looking at how she punishes the kids and her daily interactions with
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