To Kill A Mockingbird Analysis

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Is Mayella Ewell Really A Victim in To Kill A Mockingbird? In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, the main conflict of this book is a court case that deals with rape. The main to think about this book is that the book takes during the great depression, as well as segregation.The main reason why I brought this up is because, the main court case deals with an innocent black man being accused of rape by a white family and at the time that this story takes place a white man always wins when it comes to going against a black in court. The girl who was so called rape was Ms. Mayella Ewell, Mayella is the one who accused this black man, known as Tom Robinson, of raping her. Have you ever thought that Mayella could really be a victim not just of rape,but in general life and society? If you read thought the book you actually learn a little bit about Mayella and her family’s background. The Ewell family, to the other people in Maycomb are known as white trash in their society. This means that the other people of Maycomb do not give the Ewell family any respect , but are treated like garbage. Knowing this gives information, this saw that no one really cares about Mayella. The reason why no one cares about Mayella is because Mayella’s father, Bob Ewell is disrespectful to everyone in Maycomb as well as the her siblings doing the same. Now with Mayella’s home life, for Mayella and her family, they live next to the Maycomb city dump as well next to the black community.For Mayella she is the
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