To Kill A Mockingbird Analysis

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About Atticus and Why To Kill a Mockingbird: Screenplay is written by Horton Foote. The book To Kill a Mockingbird tells a story about Scout coming of age. The book To Kill a Mockingbird was also written to say it is wrong to kill a mockingbird because all they do is sing and bring joy. So, why kill one that brings peace and joy to this Earth when they are unharmful to people? That is what Atticus is for. He makes sure the blame never falls to the mockingbird but rather to the right person instead. Atticus is a very intelligent, caring, and talented man. To start off, Atticus is intelligent. Very intelligent because he is a lawyer, which means he went to law school, which means he had to get good grades to graduate law school. In addition, he makes big decisions at court and cannot take his time to think. He has to make the right decision without hesitation and he has to do it quickly. Also Atticus is smart because he has to be able to put puzzles together quickly. Atticus does this because he needs to make sure all the statements he is told, at court, are true and add up or else that suspect would sound like they are lying. “Except when he’s drinking?... When he’s riled, has he ever beaten you?’(60). For instance, Atticus asks Mayella questions about her father. Doing that, Atticus pays close attention to every little move Mayella makes to see if there is some sort of suspicion going on. “Good...then will you write your name, please. Right there, and show us?...,”Atticus

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