To Kill A Mockingbird And Mississippi Burning Analysis

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In both To Kill a Mockingbird and Mississippi Burning, the viewer is shown the distinctions of the social groups and racial segregation of the superior white lords in relation to the supposed trash like African-Americans. There is a clear discrimination in the societies. The negroes are treated like slaves and are pushed to live in the worst insufficient conditions, away from the urban, fancy and polished areas, in the centre of towns. Although the term ‘segregation’ has thought to have meant separate but still equal, it’s not the case in these stories and blooms sadly everywhere. One racial connection between the two is to do with the different churches for the white and the dark-coloured people and their customs. In To Kill a Mockingbird,…show more content…
The evil perception white people have of the different dark people takes control over their sincere humanity and creates riots and mobs. In To Kill a Mockingbird and Mississippi Burning, many believe they’re just pure savages, threatening their race and civilized society. Although the novel displays acts of selfish riots, a conviction a black man when innocent of rape and the attempted murder of children, the whites in Mississippi go so far as to torturing the souls, hanging and murdering them and demolishing the homes of the negro community. In Mississippi Burning, the Ku Klux Clan had consistency through their actions and had planned the brutal deaths of the outcasts. The white terrorist movements seemed to be bigger and much more violent as well in their activities. Additionally, in To Kill a Mockingbird the blacks had accepted their position in society and had control over their anger and emotions at the time despite things being quite tense during the controversial trial. In Mississippi, the black society had enough of the ill-treatment and began a movement. Therefore, they’re similar worlds, where To Kill a Mockingbird may be the spark that caused civilisation to change for the better, but either way both have prejudice present, followed on from the past, dominating the people’s inner
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