To Kill A Mockingbird Banned Book

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The Pulitzer Prize winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird has been placed among the list of "most frequently banned books” because the use of racial slurs and the telling of people getting rape with the use of profanty. In my opinion, the book is a very good book and it tells a very good storyline. Back Then that is what people did and talked like, you can’t change the past of what people did calling other people names and the racist comment people told one other. That was part of history when there were colored people and white people and the two groups did not get along.
In 1968 the National Education Association placed the novel second on a list of titles receiving the most complaints from private organizations. Racial slurs, profanity, and blunt dialogue about rape
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It was once part of history color people being called names, so technically that 's just history in a book. all the author did was write about history and what people did. The next reason is for profanity, really banding a book for using profanity when people use profanity everyday even when it might be on accident. Kids or anybody will hear or say profanity at least once a day or maybe once or twice in their life. Disney movie even have a little profanity in them with A Christmas Carol has "hell" "ass" (*used to describe a donkey*) ”. You can’t keep profanity away from people. The last reason is for a blunt dialogue about rape, maybe the author shouldn’t have put that in their but everybody has to learn about the birds and the bees sometime. Nine in ten (93%) teens have a computer or have access to one at home and About three in four (74%) teens ages 12-17 say they access the internet on cell phones. About (61%) use of the internet is for pornograpy. People who are above 18 already know about the bird and the bees and a little bit of explaining rape in a book isn’t bad and kid under 18 who might read this book have a better chance finding on their
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