To Kill A Mockingbird Banned Essay

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Why is To Kill a Mockingbird banned? Many people have come to realize that the award winning To Kill a Mockingbird was banned and challenged countless times. Although there are several offensive scenes in the book, very many people are outraged that their child cannot read this award winning novel. The question is, why is this novel banned? By examining the profanity, racial content, and references to rape, it’s deemed inappropriate for teens to read and is banned from several school libraries and lessons in school. Does the moral lesson of the story outweigh the so called inappropriate content of the book? Many people would agree with me if I said that To Kill a Mockingbird has a lesson in the story that every child should read and learn…show more content…
Another reason that To Kill a Mockingbird is banned is for its references to rape. In today's society, if you turn on your television, you will see stories about rape and murder and other unnatural and disturbing behaviors. In this novel, the author did not write a porn scene or any sort of inappropriate scenes that are unsuitable for the teenage readers, but she merely references to rape, which seems to be such a major concern for people who are most likely lonely with too much time on their hands. Considering that To Kill a Mockingbird is quite a long novel and is a higher reading level, you should be able to determine whether you are mature enough to read the novel. Whether you are capable of maintaining yourself while reading about the history of race, references to rape, and profane language that we hear just about every day, depends on you. To Kill a Mockingbird had its chance while it lasted. This novel was banned for several reasons, such as profanity. Another reason To Kill a Mockingbird is banned is for references to rape. Lastly, this novel is banned also for its racial content. Although there are only three reasons provided as to why this novel is banned, there are endless reasons people have challenged it. Would you let your child read To Kill a
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