To Kill A Mockingbird Bob Ewell Analysis

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Is Mayella Ewell powerful? That is the question that we are asking in “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. Mayella is a poor girl who is occasionally abused by her father Bob Ewell. She has not had an easy life, her mother walked out to get away from Bob, and did not take Mayella with her, but she is a smart person, this is a point that is often overlooked until she gets into court with Tom. Of course, some of us know that Mayella is powerful, she has the power to basically decide the fate of a person such as Tom Robinson and controlling a situation. Her little family has no money, they are poorer than the Cunningham's, and they are really poor. Bob and Mayella can barely survive in the world, but maintains to stay somewhat positive in a sense. She may be a dirt poor girl that lives behind a dumpster, but in some ways she is very powerful depending on the situation. One of the big things she uses is manipulation. She manipulates Tom by kissing and hugging on him, which later lands them in court. She also wanted to get away from her father, Bob…show more content…
Mayella is white, which means the other gender looks down her, they come to the conclusion that she is weaker and lesser than they are, but on the other hand, she does have major white privileges and could possibly get a colored man to do whatever she wanted him to do. That’s another factor that makes her powerful in race. Furthermore, does she have power in gender? Well, she is a young lady, people like that do tend to get trampled over or silenced or taken advantage of. She uses that term “taken advantage of” when she is in court testifying. Of course that puts Tom in a very bad spot, that further proves the point in which she does have huge power in this category. She again uses manipulation and the court believes her. In conclusion, Mayella has some power in all of these categories, with the main tool being manipulation. Thank you for your
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