To Kill A Mockingbird Calpurnia Character Analysis

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In the opening chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird one character introduced who is strikingly interesting is Calpurnia. Calpurnia is considered a mother figure for Jem and Scout; always getting onto them is they misbehave. We observe this when Scout says “she always ordering me out of the kitchen, asking why I couldn't behave as well as Jem.” Calpurnia also respects others no matter their origin or race. This is portrayed after Scout scorned Walter for pouring molasses all over his food. Calpurnia tells Scout, “There’s some folks who don’t eat like us...but you ain't called on to contradict em at the table when they don’t.” Calpurnia also plays a key role of racial differences during that time period. Even though she is African American, she
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