To Kill A Mockingbird Calpurnia Characteristics

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Children need great mothers to grow as respectable adults. In Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, a black woman named Calpurnia appears as an excellent mother figure. She became a mother-like being to Jem and Scout who lost their physical mother long time ago. Her presence influenced the children enormously in plenty of ways. As a proof of her being a good mother, the children grow and mature well as time passes. Her cooking skill, her knowledge, and her love toward Jem and Scout, qualified the standard of becoming a wonderful mother. These characteristics of Calpurnia successfully filled the absence of their mother to Jem and Scout. One pleasant memory that Scout had, appeared when Calpurnia treated her a special meal. After the disappointing first day of school, when Scout gave herself to miserable mood, Calpurnia prepared a surprise for Scout. The book says “It was not often that she made crackling bread, she said she never had time, but with both of us at school today had been as easy one for her. She knew I loved crackling bread.” (38). Right after the surprise, Calpurnia kissed Scout saying that she missed her all day. By her word Scout’s depressed heart arose. Calpurnia’s delicious crackling bread baked with love caused Scout to have a precious and beautiful nostalgia. Another,…show more content…
Calpurnia considered Jem and Scout as her own children and poured out her love to them. One Sunday, when Jem and Scout had to go to church with Calpurnia, she says “I don’t want anybody sayin’ I don’t look after my children,” (157). Her word reveals that she sees Jem and Scout as her own children. Also, Calpurnia’s behavior to the children proves that she loved Jem and Scout. The love toward Jem and Scout motivated Calpurnia to feed and teach them. Because of her love for the children, Calpurnia could be a great mother to Jem and

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