To Kill A Mockingbird Case Study

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Case #1
The year was 1985 in Springfield, Massachusetts, a 78 year old women had been sexually assaulted and burglarized allegedly by George Perrot, who was 17 at the time of the incident. There was a single hair found on the bed sheet of the victim that could have been from the suspects head or pubic area due to the sexual assault. Lab analysis was done only looking at the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle of the hair. In court, the FBI agent proclaimed “The hair found on the sheet exhibits all the same microscopic hair arranged in the same way as the characteristics present in the known hair from Perrot”. Perrot was ruled as guilty and was sentenced to prison where he spent 30 years, then had his case overturned due to new technology and their being no exact way they could have known it was Perrot’s hair at the time.
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She had been strangled till unconscious, sexually assaulted, and had her throat slit. At the location of her body, there were two strands of hair that were found on Schultz’s body and were the main leads of the case. Investigators arrested a man by the name of Cecil Sutherland and linked his hair to the ones found on her body. He was put in prison but has now been open to retrial due to lack of

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