To Kill A Mockingbird Cases

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Is racism still a problem in current society? Some would say no, but the Eric Garner case would disagree. In recent years, there has been an uprising in African American people being oppressed by the police force. The issue is not nearly as horrible as it was in To Kill a Mockingbird 's time period. If not addressed, it could even become just as worse. Eric Garner is just one of the many people caught in the crossfire of this terrible problem, and it is tearing this nation apart. It shows that everything is not right, and that we are not done with black oppression. The Tom Robinson and Eric Garner cases address a prevalent issue in America modern society: racism. Was Eric Garner a victim of racist oppression or a police mis-read of the situation?…show more content…
The Tom Robinson and Eric Garner cases show what happens when there are racist motives in play. Eric Garner was choked to death when the officer should have let go. Tom Robinson was guilty, even with clear evidence that he was innocent. When trying to escape prison, Robinson was shot excessively 17 times. The officer who held the chokehold on Garner was proven innocent, even though it is a banned to use a chokehold for any officer. Bob Ewell was let off the hook even though the whole court knew he actually was the one who beat his daughter Mayella. Seems like there 's a pattern with black oppression in both of these stories. The officers knew Garner well, but they still thought he was trouble. The exact same spot where Garner was arrested is where the police had responded many times to crimes. Possibly, the police could have been aware that it was a bad area, and they were on their guard more than ever. That still does not justify their actions. Everyone and the court knew Robinson was innocent, but he was still proven guilty. Both these cases have the same thing in common. Both the officers of Garner 's case knew him well and knew he wasn’t the main cause of the crimes. The court knew that Robinson was innocent, but they didn’t want to admit that a white man was wrong and a black man was right. Just sad examples of how racism can cause such…show more content…
. The tragic death of Garner, and the story of Robinson can make a huge impact on society if applied right. Both stories show the bad blood from old to modern society. Racism is still here, even though it’s not public it 's ingrained the mines of the people today. Stereotyping and setting people in groups is how the minds of today are programmed. It’s not nearly as bad as back then, but still just some old thoughts will never die. This issue needs to be addressed and if not, it could come back to haunt us. It might even be worse than before, but it can be stopped. Show people what happened to Robinson, and how terrible that time was. Then show Eric Garner, and how stereotyping or racism could have been the main cause of his death. Both stories are impactful, and can make a huge difference on
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