To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1-14

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Mrs. Dubose is a cranky old lady that yells at Scout and Jem when they walk past. Jem is told to be a gentleman but loses his cool when she calls their father trash. Jem 's punishment was to go read to her. While they were reading to her if she threw a fit or started yelling they couldn 't say anything. Then Atticus then tells him that she was an addict and reading was part of her therapy. Mrs. Dubose gave jem a box and one camellia was in there. Jem turns 12 and doesn 't want to play with scout anymore. He came out of that kid stage and told scout to act more like a girl. This year Scout was excited to see Dill but this year he sends a letter saying that he got a new dad and will stay with his family this year. Then Atticus is called into session forcing Atticus to travel to the state capital every day for a while. In chapter 14 scout gets in trouble and is sent to bed but when she gets to bed…show more content…
16-20 (AT LEAST FOUR SENTENCES): In chapter 16 Scout, Jem and Dill try to sneak in the court to watch the trial. They try to sit in the back where Atticus won 't find them but Revernard Skyes sits them on the balcony. In chapter 17 the trial go on and Atticus cross examines them and the witness tells what he saw and a bunch of questions were asked. In chapter 18 Mayella testifies and Atticus try to make her tell the truth that possible Tom didn 't do anything and her father beat her. Then we learn that she has seven siblings an alcoholic father and no friends. In chapter 19 Tom testified that she asked him to do chores for her and when he got inside she asked him to lift a box down from the dresser and when he was standing on the chair she grabbed him. When he got down she hugged him and told him to kiss her and that 's when her dad got home. He threatened her and the Tom ran. In chapter 20 as he finishes up going over the evidence and then a personal view on the case as he sits down Calpurnia shows up. -Summary for Ch. 21-25 (AT LEAST FOUR
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