To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1-5 Analysis

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The following scene takes place just before Scout learns of her father’s new case. The scene introduces the character of Lamar Carter, Scouts new friend, a young African American boy who is 8 (two years older than Scout). The scene commences with Scout and Lamar sitting under a large tree in the Finch front yard. Scout (confused) what do you mean he’s not coming back? Lamar (defensively) He’s never coming back, that’s what ma said. Scout (inquisitively) I never met him, what is he like? Lamar You never met him? Scout I don’t think so. (Displeased) Atticus never really meats anyone new, just the same old folks. What is your dad like? (Lamar repositions himself against the tree) Lamar…show more content…
Lamar He didn’t wanna. Heck came took him (Scout turns to focus on LAMAR who is looking down inspecting a leaf) Scout (thoughtfully) Why? Lamar (thinking about it) Don’t know. When I asked ma she got all nervous like. (Lamar throws the leaf if the air and watches it fall to the ground) Scout (optimistically) It’s ok, I’ll help you find him. (Scout stands up and extends a hand to Lamar) Lamar (disheartened) It’s no good Scout, I’ve looked everywhere. (Scout, upset with the response returns to sit next to Lamar putting her arm around him) Scout (reassuringly) We’ll find him. Lamar (polite) Thanks scout (faint smile) Boy’s Voice (calling from offstage) Hey Scout, why do you talk to niggers? (SCOUT and LAMAR turn to the sound of the voice off stage) 2nd Boy’s Voice why don’t you play with your own kind nigro! Scout (aggressively) Leave us alone! (CALPURNIA rushes out onto the porch) Calpurnia (sharply) Get lost, the pair of you! Calpurnia (concerned) Scout, Lamar, you two should go round back. Lamar It’s fine Calpurnia; (reassuringly) I’m use to
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