To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1 Summary

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Chapter 1
A girl, main character with nickname Scout, narrates the story, starting by describing her family’s history. Several generations of her family used to live in a cotton-producing farm in the South. Now her family lives in Maycomb, a small town in Alabama. Her father Atticus is a lawyer, her brother Jem is a 10 years old boy. They have a cook, a black woman named Calpurnia.
During the summer Dill, a boy from neighbours’ house, proposes that they try to make Boo Radley, a mysterious neighbor, come out of his house. Boo Radley lives in a house called “Radley Place”, and no one has seen him outside the house for many years.
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However, Jem stops them from fighting and invites Walter home for lunch. Scout knows that the Cunningham's are very poor, but Atticus talks to Walter with much respect. Scout has difficulty understanding why he has to be respected when he is "just a Cunningham."
One of the boys in her class, Burris Ewell, is extremely dirty. He comes the school only for one day a year and then stops attending. Since Scout does not like school, she does not want to come to school too. Atticus tells her that the law demands that she go to school.

Chapter 4
The rest of the school year passes poorly for Scout, who constantly feel frustrated due to slow curriculum. The next summer Dill has returned to Maycomb. The children play games that are based on the stories they have heard about Boo Radley. Although Boo Radley has not appeared, he begins to leave gifts in a tree for the children. While Jem and Scout wonder only briefly about who is placing the gifts in the tree, the audience assumes that it is Boo. Eventually Atticus catches them and asks if their game has anything to do with the Boo Radleys. Jem lies, and Atticus goes back into the house. The kids wonder if it’s safe to play their game
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