To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 11-15 Analysis

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-Summary for Ch. 11-15 (AT LEAST FOUR SENTENCES):

During this chapter Jem and Scout had found the torment of Mrs. Dubose, who was an old woman who used to yell at them every time they had crossed paths. Jem eventually had lost his temper and destroyed her camellias. As reparations, Jem had to read for her everyday and he had brought along Scout everyday. After a month she had died, leaving jem a box with one white camillia.

-Summary for Ch. 16-20 (AT LEAST FOUR SENTENCES):

The trial had begun for Tom Robinson, Jem and Scout had snuck into the courtroom without being seen by Atticus. The trial had started with Bob Ewell who claims that his daughter was beaten and raped, but he had said he had not called the doctor for it was too expensive. The girl claims that he had beaten her on the right side of her face but Tom cannot use his left arm at all. Tom is called to tell about how she had thrown herself at him, but in refusal her father had seen them and Tom then ran. The jury would still not sway to the side of Tom Robinson but it's not over.

-Summary for Ch. 21-25 (AT LEAST FOUR SENTENCES):
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At eleven at night the jury verdict Tom as guilty, later Jems ideas of how decent the people of maycomb have been thrown away while Bob Ewell is out to get revenge on Atticus. Everyone except Atticus is worried about what Bob Ewell will do, While trying to figure out what will happen to Tom Robinson. But shortly after Tom's imprisonment he tried to escape and was shot seventeen times and it is time to tell the news of his death to his family. The summer is ending and the news of Tom's death is everywhere, while the widow had fallen in front of Atticus when the news struck, Bob Ewell could only make jokes of this
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