To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 11 Analysis

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Chapter Eleven Entitled It was a little bit of an adjustment to not only go from living alone, but to living with complete strangers. However, I learned very quickly why everyone called Frau Genau, Mama G. She was like a mother hen. She always looked out for others and I became no exception. Despite the unfavorable living conditions, I settled into my new life pretty easily. I attributed that to the minimal expectations I’ve had since childhood and the ease of which Mama G made it. One of the wonderful surprises I discovered after my arrival was another phonograph. Much older than the one we had at the Kühn’s, but I was hardly picky. Mama only had one record, “Irgendwann Erwacht Ein Neuer Tag” (Sometime awakened a new day). She had a thing for Camillo Felgen’s velvety voice. Watching Mama’s reaction as she listened to him croon nearly every night at sunset,…show more content…
I had learned everything that Lena taught me. I was now in a routine of my own with responsibilities in the dining room, kitchen, parlors and library. I dusted, cleaned, vacuumed, washed and repeated every day. I had always pulled my weight wherever I went, so the hard work was natural, but it was lonely. I missed my family. I had very little time after my adoption to get to know Mama Kühn. She was healthy when I first arrived. Thirteen months later she fell violently ill. Josef suffered more with her loss. He was adopted a good three years before me so he had her for four of his eight years. That one year with Mama was special. She spent much of our days educating me. I had a five year old reading level at the age of eleven. The orphanage was so full of children that education fell far behind basic care. My drawing was the only literacy lessons I engaged in and that was self-taught. It was my outlet to a very isolated existence. Mama worked tirelessly to change that. She helped me learn to read and discover a love for
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