To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 5-50

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To summarize chapter five up Walter had met a famous baseball player. His name was Sugar Ray Robinson, and he was the welterweight champion, Also he met them back when slavery was around .Most of Walters’s life revolved around school and church, but his school was integrated .Even though his church had white people involved in some capacity. He wasn’t aware of the race problem, so in the summer his biological father moved to Harlem. That’s when he knew he was adopted. On pg. 38 it says that Walter had three full sisters Gertrude, Ethel, Imogene. Later in the story, Walter couldn’t do any activities that summer because he had his appendix removed. Also getting beatings came easily in their neighborhood. He got beat from parents that didn’t even know him. Also there was anger involved when you were getting a beating. When Walter started school it took him one day to get in trouble, but every time someone laughed at him he would throw or hit them with an object.…show more content…
One of the memories he won’t forget is the time when went to Macy’s with his mom. Also the bright colors people whore to work. Later on that day blacks started protesting against whites because they couldn’t work where black people worked. Also blacks were entertainers, churchgoers, or athletes, but Walter was an athletic. During summer break Walter had to kinds of friends. Those he played basketball with and everybody else. Also he had a list of fights in every grade he went to, but Mr. Lasher told Walter that he won’t tolerate fighting in his class. At the end of 6th grade Walter thanked Mr. Lasher for helping him with his speech
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