To Kill A Mockingbird Character Analysis

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A woman named Harper Lee wrote “To Kill A Mockingbird”, which about the life of two siblings, Jem and Scout Finch, and their experiences in the eventful Maycomb County. It is written in the perspective of Scout. It is important that it is written in first person narrative because it emphasizes on the characters. Unlike third person omniscient, first person narrative shows the reader the truth of the character, which is very important when you want to see flesh in the developing character. Reading in first person narrative allows the readers to engage with the characters better and that is experienced with Scout while reading this great piece of literature. The novel, ”To Kill A Mockingbird”, is about growing up. Jean Louise Finch, most commonly known as Scout, is the protagonist and narrator of the story. She talks about her life as a kid growing up with her brother Jem, her father Atticus, and the rest of the neighborhood. We see Scout go through challenges with her friends and family as she develops and matures. Not only do we see Scout grow up, but we see Jem grow up too. The Finch children go through many learning experiences, which we see as the story unfolds. The readers are able to watch these children grow up as they come along In the beginning of the story, Scout is just like every other child but is a little bit more precocious. She is very curious, observant, smart, and imaginative. She hated school because she was being held back from learning new things. She
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