To Kill A Mockingbird Character Analysis

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1. In the movie scene, the narrator describes Hazel with child-like tendencies due to how she behaved. She mentions how “grown ups can treat you (kids) just anyhow”. She also goes on to describe the junk food they’re eating. Crunchy and salty chips. Jawbreakers. Hazel refers to her parents disciplining her a lot as well. Saying things similar to “daddy put his belt back on because I spoke my mind”. I would assume that because of her broken English, she is African American. She says the word “ax” for ask, which can be described as a Southern person’s accent. 2. The names given in this story are based on description. At one point in the story, Hazel’s mother calls her “Badbird”. This is in reference to how Hazel wanted to get her point across to her mom by arguing. Eventually Mom gave in and ended the conversation. Another nickname happened to be “Scout”. Granddaddy gave Hazel this name because she was very good at reading maps while he drove. I’m not totally sure why Uncle Jefferson changed his name. That part of the story still confuses me. 3. Hazel seems to learn that most, if not all, adults lie. If they don’t lie then they are very deceitful. I feel that she’s mostly upset with how Uncle Jefferson is supposed to marry her when she reached a legal age. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. She failed to realize that they’re family, so it’s considered incest. Another scenario is the movie scene. The manager failed to play a movie about gorillas,
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