To Kill A Mockingbird Compare And Contrast

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In To Kill A Mockingbird, the lesson of Atticus showing Scout that lying is alright sometimes is better shown in the novel rather, than the movie. The novel does a better job at executing the lesson because, the book allows for the reader to get on a personal level with the decisions that Atticus is making. Atticus is talking to Mr.Tate of the porch and says “Heck, If this thing’s hushed up it’ll be a simple denial to Jem of the way I’ve tried to raise him”(Lee 272). This is just a small excerpt from the books long conversation. The movie only allows the viewer to watch what is happening, while not as thorough. In the movie, when Atticus and Mr.Tate were talking on the porch, and the conversation was very short, as compared to the book. The
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