To Kill A Mockingbird Comparison

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The book To Kill A Mockingbird and the poem “If” feel like they were written by the same person and at the same time, but the book To Kill A Mockingbird was written a little over 60 years after by Harper Lee. Which leads me to believe she used this to develop some of her characters. “If” feels like she mainly used it to develop a character by the name of Atticus and a couple of others. Atticus is a perfect father figure for his kids he also does all these things as a single parent with the help of family and friends along the way. Some of the lines from “if” fit right in with Atticus and how he acts. There is a line in “If” that says “being hate, don 't give way to hating”, to summarize what it is saying, it says that even if you 're being…show more content…
This next quote though matches with a character we don 't see much, her name is Mrs.Dubose. The quote states “If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew to serve your turn long after they are gone.” Mrs. Dubose has been an addict of morphine for most of her life, but at the end of her life she wants to get off the drug that was hurting her. She has to use every strength in her body to help her fight this even when she is at her weakest. This made her one of my favorite characters for doing this. She could not do this alone though she had Jem read to her every day just to distract her mind from thinking of morphine. This next quote from “If’ says “ If you can trust yourself when all men doubt yourself.” Atticus trust himself to get Tom a fair trial even if he is black, he knew it was going to be hard but he has to do it for himself. Like the quote said though everyone else has no hope that Tom was going to win the trial, but since he trust in Atticus to do the best of his ability to win the trial for him Do you see how it feels like “If” and To Kill A Mockingbird were written by the same person it is crazy how close they are. I am completely certain that she used this poem to develop her characters, who know how many things she used to develop her
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