To Kill A Mockingbird Confidence Analysis

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The Strong Confidence of a Mockingbird
In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee presents the idea that confidence is shown when one believes in oneself and also trust in others. Social justice requires confidence because even though other races will discriminate against someone, one still has to be confident in themself. The character Atticus Finch demonstrates confidence by showing respect to the African American community even though this wasn’t normal at this time, showing kindness to the lower class families who suffer from poverty, and ignoring the hatred that is shown towards him because of his support to unliked people in his community. Atticus is confident because he believes his chances with Tom Robinson and his case have a chance even though Tom is African American. Tom Robinson, an African American man, is who Atticus is supporting in a case who is accused of raping a white girl. Not only the ones connected, but all whites in the community, even children know Atticus has a great chance of losing this case. Even a child stating that Scout and Jem’s dad (Atticus’s Children) “defends negroes” (Lee, 99).this is said because he is supporting African Americans in the case.
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Obviously the reason that the majority of the community believes that Atticus and Tom will lose the case is because Tom is African American accused of raping a white girl which is bad but not yet decided if true. Atticus who is an educated lawyer believes his client has a very good chance at winning this case, he believes “his client has a good chance of being pardoned by the court” (Lee, 293). This is because Atticus is very confident in his cases and believes that there is a chance that Tom will win. But in reality, because of Tom’s race and what he has been accused of there isn’t a very high chance of him
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